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Personal Statement

As a highly-motivated and results oriented Independent Producer and Production Coordinator, I ́ve succeeded in putting together projects for the screen, stage as well as live performances. Throughout my career, I ́ve been involved in many projects filling different roles which have made me polish the craft of coordinate a production.

On January 2017, I obtained my Masters in Fine Arts in Production for Film & TV at New York Film Academy, Campus Los Angeles. I have a Performing Arts background as I enrolled a 1 year intensive course at Bodywork Cambridge Performing Arts College, in the UK in 2007. After that, I did a few internships within some of London’s leading Performing Arts Academies, such as The AMTA of London, where I was an assistant to Kenneth Avery-Clark, a producer, singer, actor and coach and I collaborated with his business partner Christie Miller.

This performing arts background; where I trained as a dancer, actor and singer, has enabled me to develop not only specific on-stage industry experience. I have also developed a valuable and transferable skill set in media production, where I’m able to communicate not only with the crew, but most importantly, the talent.

In 2011, I returned to Mexico City and founded SPOTLIGHT® MÉXICO, an independent enterprise with a wide range of services such as dance lessons, workshops and content production. SPOTLIGHT® MÉXICO run as a dance agency as well, providing International and Mexican talent for events, music videos and advertising.

After founding SPOTLIGHT® MÉXICO, I was contacted by well-known British Choreographer, Stuart Bishop, who had an in-development pilot to be shot in Mexico City and needed help finding the talent. In only 10 days we managed to get 100 of the bests young dancers and choreographers in Mexico City for the pilot.

For the project to look great, I put together a treatment and found new collaborators. It was a fine example of team work, as I coordinate 45 people on a unique set in Mexico City. Most of the talent involved, were young and professionals in their 20s, who brought to the table their passion on their specialty. The whole team put their best into what is one of my most beloved projects: “MegaCrew WB by 4KPS” a video that showcases the beauty of the different styles of Street Dance in Mexico City with the aim of spreading hip hop culture; directed by J. Alberto Cerrillo Soto, a talented young filmmaker and friend who I tried to continuously work in collaboration with.

Since that moment and after so many experiences and turns in my life, I know I want to become the Production Coordinator for films, videos and live events for the rest of my life. I want to honor my dance background by promoting projects that somehow showcase the beauty of the corporal expression in dance.

So far, I have been involved in the production of Independent Music and Dance videos for up-and coming artists, Independent Short Films and Live Performances and I’m looking to secure a place where I can grow professional with the potential to become a Production Coordinator for an outstanding Production Company.

I like to “Make Things Happen”.

Cindy Q