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"Working with Cindy has always been a satisfactory experience. She is one of the first individuals on the film industry that trusted me beyond any circumstance, she has always been encouraging and thankful with all crew members who have been supportive to her. Cindy is one of the few people I’ve ever met who is the most eager to learn on the field and always willing to share her knowledge with whoever needs it. I’d say that one of Cindy’s best virtues is her capacity of understanding. She’s always patient, prepared to listen, and open to change any decision made if it’s for the benefit of the project. When you’re either on set, or in pre- production or post-production, her passion is so obvious that anyone can notice that Cindy loves what she does throughout the smile she’s got tattooed on her face. I’ve got nothing but good experiences with Cindy since the beginning of my career to today that we’ve managed to work and create competitive projects. We don’t only share our love to dance, but to filmmaking too."

Giuliana Tommasi


"Working with Cindy, is a good experience as when I worked with her she filled my talent with much more creativity, she constantly gives ideas to improve the project and works trying to get the best out of the team. Also, she is always open to hear the opinions, feedback and ideas from the crew members. I noticed that in the projects she gets involve, she is very passionate and committed."

Leslie Montero


"I consider Cindy Quijada to be a reliable, hard-working production coordinator. She is a person to whom I immediately turn to when I´m in need of a dependable and conscientious partner. She worked as Production Coordinator on a passion project of mine, “A Eulogy For Polly”, a short film in final stages of post-production, where in a couple of days only, Cindy single handedly turned our messy production into a well-oiled machine where every single task was pointed out and relayed to each head of department. Our crew was made of people from different cities and before day one, she managed to get everyone on the same page. Plus she took care of all the legal paperwork, which speaks of her commitment to get every single task done right. I trust Cindy completely as a fellow filmmaker and friend."

J. Alberto Cerrillo Soto


"I have known Cindy for a few years now and have had the honor to have worked with her on several occasions. From first working together, I found Cindy to be an exceptional organizer, and a driven and motivated, go-getting achiever. Most notably Cindy produced and organized my workshop tour of Mexico City in 2012, where she arranged an impressive 7 Workshop in and around the city in the space of my 9 day visit. Not only delivering sell-out workshops with exceptional marketing and promotion, she also arranged media interviews with mainstream Mexican TV channels and delegated her team which included press, photographers and videographers to document the whole workshop tour. Her ability to effortlessly motivate and direct her staff was second to none and these leadership qualities are particularly vital to being successful in our highly competitive, creative industry where time is precious and stress levels rise. Cindy was fantastic to work with, collaborative and professional. In all of our projects, Cindy has managed them successfully with paramount professionalism and steadfast composure thanks to her creativity and remarkable communications skills. I have seen her passion in producing video and film grow, so now is the time for her to progress, expand and evolve, and with her outstanding transferable organizational skills, I have no doubt her career will achieve a high level of success."

Del Mak


"Cindy worked for me in London back in 2009/2010. She helped me my business partner and me in setting up now AMTA – The American Musical Theatre Academy of London. I can say without reservation that Cindy is a loyal, hardworking, organized person who has a beautiful personality. She would make a significant addition to any project or job she’ll get, I’m sure she would work extremely hard. I know that performance and production is Cindy’s dream and I sincerely hope that this testimonial will go some way to helping to make that happen."

Christie Miller


"Cindy is one of the nicest producers I know. She's always one step ahead with production meetings and planning everything as detailed as she can. Her personality and kindness on set are super helpful and if something goes down, she's there to problem solve. It's always a pleasure having her around!"

Andy Carazo


"Cindy is a not only a professional who takes her job with most seriousness, but also a wonderful and cheerful person to work with, which guarantees not only a great result, but also a pleasurable working experience. I’ve worked with Cindy on the short film I directed and she did great as a producer, always being there for the production."

Vlad Khesin


"I met Cindy Quijada not so long ago. I was referred to her by a mutual friend as a screenwriter for a TV project she wanted to develop. During our time working together on the script and bible of the show, I was pleased by Cindy's professionalism and work ethic. As a professional screenwriter, few things are as important to me as a mutual understanding and a shared respect for each other's work. Working with her pleased me on both counts, and many more. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again, as she's not only a more than capable producer, but a warm and loving person."

Carlos Tello de Meneses


"I had the pleasure to work with Cindy. She is extremely professional and motivated. I hope I'll have the chance to collaborate with her again in the future."

Alessandra Romano


"Being a producer isn't easy. Formulating a project together from scratch isn't everyone's cup of tea. On the other hand, Cindy is a hardworking and dedicated producer. She sees the production's requirements before hand and can manage to provide them on time without disrupting a production's schedule. I worked with her on one film where I was the 1st AD and I can confidently say that I haven't had a shoot smoother and on schedule as that. Her preparation with location scouting, permits, film contacts and hiring or finding the right crew members for a particular production is an asset that every film production should experience."

Varun Bhatnagar


"Cindy is pro active, ever reliable and a team player. She takes a very inclusive approach in her work from her communication to leadership on set. From emails, craft service to hiring crew, she is thorough and as colleagues who I have collaborated multiple times, I always feel confident and have no reason to worry when Cindy decides to take something on. At the same time, she isn't afraid to express her opinion if she feels uncomfortable or unhappy with the nature/direction of a production. However, she does so diplomatically and effectively but still ensures she see's off her necessary duties; signs of a true professional. I would highly recommend working with her, she is a worthy producer and production coordinator."

Zororo Makamba